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Politics, Policy, and Popular Culture

Hosted by: Steven Maggi
Email host: steven@freeamericatalk.com
Live Broadcast: Sat : 6:00 – 7:00 PM ET
Sun : 1:00 – 2:00 AM ET
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Free America Radio is more than a talk show.  But, how do you describe it?  Consider it a conversation over coffee with newsmakers, noteworthy individuals and people "you want to know."  Riveting, intriguing, and witty radio that is distinguished by fascinating conversations...asking the questions listeners want answered and exposing people to new ideas.  Free America Radio leans toward a free-market, freedom-based perspective of what this country is and what it could be.  There is a special energy and vibe about Free America Radio making it unlike any other talk show in America.

Free America Radio  is a relaxed program without rigid guidelines.  It delves into subjects, asking thought-provoking questions, and embarks on fascinating conversations as opposed to interrogations.  Host Steven Maggi creates a personalized connection with the audience through humor, perspective, and incisive commentary.  With its eclectic mix of some of the biggest names in Politics, Policy, and Popular Culture, it is a talk show for people who don't listen to talk radio.

Program Archives

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01-17-2014Free America Radio 01/17/2014ListenSave
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12-31-2013Free America Radio 12/31/2013ListenSave
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12-27-2013Free America Radio 12/27/2013ListenSave
12-26-2013Free America Radio 12/26/2013ListenSave
12-25-2013Free America Radio 12/25/2013ListenSave
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12-17-2013Free America Radio 12/17/2013ListenSave
12-16-2013Free America Radio 12/16/2013ListenSave
12-13-2013Free America Radio 12/13/2013ListenSave
12-12-2013Free America Radio 12/12/2013ListenSave
12-11-2013Free America Radio 12/11/2013ListenSave
12-10-2013Free America Radio 12/10/2013ListenSave
12-09-2013Free America Radio 12/09/2013ListenSave
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